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Brewco Guide to AI-Based Search Engine Modeling

An SEO Platform with its own search engine built in

The Market Brew™ Precision SEO Platform is unlike any other. It contains a search engine of its own, which it adapts to build customized models to simulate your target search engines for each of your keywords, using an exotic form of AI called particle swarm optimization. With these models in hand, you’ll gain access to an entirely new way to optimize your sites and achieve the best search rankings.

Brewco™ helps online businesses and their agencies use Market Brew’s artificial intelligence to achieve previously unattainable organic traffic gains and reduce their reliance on paid search spend.

What is Precision SEO?

Precision SEO is the ability to know exactly, and quickly, which on- and off-page factors make sites rank for any search, and which changes you can make to achieve the greatest gains in the least time, for any search engine and keyword.

Market Brew’s AI models accurately predict within a couple of hours what drives each search result, and recommend the changes that will make the most impact relative to your competition, so you can achieve the best SEO results as efficiently as possible.

Predictable. Accurate. Efficient. Lightning fast. That’s Precision SEO.

What makes Market Brew better than your current solution?

Understand how each search works for each keyword

Work with 100% efficiency, focusing only on what matters

Test the impact of your work before deploying

Understand your competitors' SEO better than they do

Optimize for any search engine, anywhere

Predict outcomes and get buy-in from IT and execs

See inside the black box of search

Every search engine has a set of pillars with hundreds of underlying algorithms that determine how a site is ranked for a given query.

How these factors are weighted is different for each search engine, each region, and for each query. So understanding what’s going on in the black boxes of todays’ search engines isn’t humanly possible.

That’s why Market Brew uses AI to understand and model exactly how much each factor impacts search rankings for each of your target keywords and search engines, and then offers precise recommendations on how to influence those factors that matter.

Only invest time in what works

Search engine optimization has a huge number of moving parts. Almost every SEO platform can recommend thousands of changes you could make to try to improve your rankings. 

But each change takes time and effort to implement, review and deploy. Until now, no SEO solution could help you focus your energies in any meaningful way. 

Market Brew gives you exact feedback on how any change will improve your ranking scores. You’ll be able to spend time and resources only on those fixes that work, and jettison the rest.

Test and learn, not wait and see

When it takes months to see the results of your SEO work, you’re basically flying blind. And sometimes that means flying into a cliff. No SEO platform has been able to prevent this, until Market Brew.

With Market Brew, you can A/B test your optimizations before you ever deploy them, in just a few hours. You’ll know their precise impact on your positions on the search results page.

And you can test more than just SEO changes. Market Brew lets you test any change, including full site redesigns, so you can see whether your site is on track for better results or needs more tuning.

Be 60 days ahead of the competition

It used to be that SEO was a 60-day cycle. Analyze, implement, and wait for the search engines to react to see if you pulled ahead. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. 

Market Brew breaks this cycle. It can accurately predict the impact of any of your changes on your SERP position in a couple of hours. 

And you’ll know how your competitors’ moves will impact their ranking 60 days before they see for themselves, allowing you ample time to counteract their strategies.

Master link flow optimization

How your website pages link to each other and how they link to the outside world can be one of the most significant factors in your SEO success. Yet understanding how best to utilize your site’s link flow to boost your top search landing pages has been one of SEO’s most difficult and arduous challenges. 

Market Brew’s search engine models and AI semantic analyses show you when, where, and how to leverage the power of link flow to boost your SERP positions.

Get the resources SEO deserves

For the first time, you’ll be able to show the bean counters and the IT gatekeepers the results they can expect from investing in SEO efforts ahead of time, making it easier to get the resources you need.

And we’re so confident that Market Brew will help you drive better search performance that we offer free AI analyses to prove it. Give us 15 minutes to better understand your search goals, and we’ll show you exactly how we can improve your revenues and profits.

No SEO team? No problem. Our Brewco Authorized Partners can deliver a turnkey SEO solution for every type and size of business.

Are you an SEO agency or consultant? Become a Brewco Authorized Partner.

Bring the benefits of Market Brew’s unique AI approach to SEO to your clients by becoming a Brewco Authorized Partner. Your agency or consultancy will be armed with a quicker and more effective way to achieve SEO results for your clients. Deliver the predictability, transparency, and accountability they expect, while gaining more efficiency, greater client longevity and a better bottom line for your agency.

What can Market Brew's AI tell me?

Having an AI model of your target search engine and most important keywords gives you the power to deliver outsized SEO gains. Send in your specs to apply for a free AI analysis.