Guide to Search Engine Modeling

Learn how modeling search engines creates faster and easier SEO results

Today’s leading search engines use hundreds of AI algorithms to determine which pages rank for each search. Trying to figure how they make their ranking decisions has been out of our reach.

AI has changed the game. We can now create accurate models which reveal how search engines determine rankings for any keyword in almost any country.

This complimentary guide will show you:

  • Why current SEO practices generate unpredictable results
  • How the Market Brew platform creates search engine models
  • Why knowing the true statistical difference between your site and other sites guides better keyword strategy
  • How to use models to test and predict the impact of your SEO changes and site migrations as much as 2 months before they hit the SERP
  • Why search engine models help you get to the top of your SERPs faster, with less effort expended

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“Today’s AI-powered SEO tools, like Market Brew, can mimic search engines and give recommendations on what you can do to improve your website’s UX.”
Neil Patel
NY Times Best-Selling Author and Digital Marketing Guru