AI Experts Brewco and Market Brew Join Forces to Transform SEO through Search Engine Modeling

San Francisco, CA – June 8, 2021 – Brewco today announced the launch of a sales and marketing partnership with the Market Brew™ Precision SEO platform to bring the benefits of the platform’s AI search engine optimization technology to agencies and enterprises around the world.

Market Brew is the first and only SEO platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to build highly accurate models of how major search engines rank sites for keyword queries. It effectively reverse-engineers the algorithms used by the search engines, the benefits of which include transparency, efficiency, and predictability.

“All search engines are now using AI to determine which sites to rank for each query, and trying to figure them out without AI is difficult if not impossible,” said Scott Stouffer, inventor of Market Brew. “We’re leveling the playing field so that SEOs can achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.”

Search engines are, by design, black box AIs, which are constantly changing and utilize very different weights for key ranking factors for each keyword. Without search engine modeling it is impossible to understand how they determine rankings for any query. Market Brew’s models provide these insights, effectively taking the cover off the black box and providing insights unavailable elsewhere.

When you understand what drives rankings for your important keywords and where your site is ahead or behind others, you can then understand exactly what areas to focus on to improve your rankings instead of working through checklists of thousands of potential fixes. Market Brew provides this critical prioritization along with detailed and specific fixes for the key rankings gaps. This efficiency helps SEO teams improve their rankings more quickly and at less cost.

Previously, when SEO teams make changes to their site, they need to wait as much as 60 days for the rankings to shift, and they have no visibility on their competitors and the changes they are making. Market Brew’s search engine modeling technique gives these teams the ability to analyze site changes before they go live, and get a highly accurate prediction of the impact of those changes in a couple of hours, two months before they show up in the search engine. These predictions take into account any changes made by the competitors SEO teams choose to track.

“Having launched Market Brew into Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for two years now, we’re well aware of the tremendous advantage the platform provides SEO teams at companies and their agencies,” noted Jonathan Epstein, Brewco’s CEO. “We’re excited to be accelerating the growth of the platform on a global scale.”

Brewco was formed by a set of well-known entrepreneurs in media and AI marketing technology and SEO Engine to expand the market reach of the Market Brew platform. The company’s CEO, Jonathan Epstein, launched the Evolv AI platform for conversion rate optimization and founded and ran leading media companies, including GameSpot and IGN. Chris Pahor, the company’s Chief Search Officer, is a founder of Neural Digital, a leading AI marketing technology consultancy based in Australia. Scott Stouffer, the inventor of Market Brew, is Chief Technology Officer for Brewco.

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About Brewco
Brewco was created to free the world’s enterprises from the shackles of paid search advertising with artificial intelligence for precision SEO. Brewco works with companies worldwide to empower their SEO teams to drive previously unavailable gains in organic search traffic and reduce their reliance on paid search spend. Brewco is also building out the Brewco Authorized Partner Program, which will provide SEO agencies and consultancies with the power to deliver better results with more transparency, creating longer-term relationships that are more profitable to both agency and client.

Brewco was founded in 2021 by Robert Dalton, Jonathan Epstein, and Christopher Pahor, who had previously worked together bringing AI-powered conversion rate optimization to the world’s leading enterprises. The company is headquarted in San Francisco, California, with an office in Brisbane, Australia.

About Market Brew
The Market Brew AI Platform for SEO was started by search engineers in Palo Alto as a unique alternative to the growing number of enterprise SEO tools and platforms pretending to provide insight into Google by simply regurgitating already public ranking data. Market Brew’s patented Search Engine Model allows SEO teams to precisely identify each type of issue within their site and automatically prioritize those items by comparing millions of keyword and competitive environments to determine which opportunities provide the biggest upward movement for the least amount of optimization.

Scott Stouffer, CTO, leads this technical team of thought leaders in digital marketing, artificial intelligence and computer science. Stouffer has spent the last 20 years building out large-scale, highly distributed and scalable software systems in both corporate and small start-up environments. He is an expert in machine learning and neural networks. For more information, visit